Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tokyo Mecha Toys Field Report By Mech Huang

 photo IMG_5603_zps2f1d5bba.jpg
Shingeki no Kyojin promoting Livita?!

 photo IMG_5596_zps5e3de3bc.jpg
Nostalgia Ultraman poster

 photo IMG_5594_zps509a6790.jpg

 photo IMG_5549_zps823c64ac.jpg

 photo IMG_5573_zps788d7ba3.jpg

 photo IMG_5548_zps098f92f9.jpg

 photo IMG_5559_zpsdab2616f.jpg

 photo IMG_5595_zps6e7abc0f.jpg

 photo IMG_5567_zpsb41d604e.jpg

 photo IMG_5568_zps51286a98.jpg
Kotobukiya Red Five from the anime 'Majestic Prince'

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 photo IMG_5554_zps99a107fe.jpg

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 photo IMG_5562_zps9a30a7de.jpg

 photo IMG_5557_zpsd9010dbd.jpg

 photo IMG_5563_zpsf0db4b2a.jpg

 photo IMG_5552_zpsfcae9a14.jpg

 photo IMG_5574_zpsc0acced1.jpg

 photo IMG_5571_zps94c731f0.jpg

 photo IMG_5584_zps58d639b0.jpg

 photo IMG_5598_zps37184cc5.jpg

 photo IMG_5551_zps8baa9bcb.jpg

 photo IMG_5599_zpscfd81089.jpg
P-Bandai Zaku of Zabi Family

 photo IMG_5587_zps63fd83ec.jpg

 photo IMG_5588_zps39852a30.jpg

 photo IMG_5585_zps7a4a58f1.jpg

 photo IMG_5581_zpscbc6d673.jpg

 photo IMG_5583_zps69506871.jpg

 photo IMG_5576_zpsd5ed193c.jpg

Kudos to Mech Huang and credit to him for the above pics taken during his latest trip to Tokyo, shortly after conquering Gundam Base - Korean Seoul Busan. Lots of envious from other members of Gundam-Chit-Club. Can tell Huang visits were Akihabara Kotobukiya store and Odaiba Gundam Tokyo Front. Nice pics taken of latest products related to Evangelion, Arms Frames, Muv-Luv, Super Robot Wars Origin and Gundam. Few pics of my pics would likely be Kotobukiya Red Five from the anime 'Majestic Prince' and 1/100 Tsugumori from 'Knights of Sidonia'. I presumed the chrome knight robot is from HMM Series Soko Kyojin Z Knight Z and that looks awesome. Mecha Huang likes exclusive Gunpla of transparent or chrome nature so its no surprise he took these pics at Gundam Front and those P-Bandai Zaku of Zabi Family kits makes me drool. 


chrismandesign said...

that’s a great dose of mechas (or should i say overdose ???) !!!... definitely an awesome addition for any motley and inclusive collection, would be a model from Muv-Luv or Super Robot Wars... however, that mecha from Majestic Prince looks terrific !!!... what i miss there is something from Linebarrels of Iron, but all those series and/or videogames are rather underestimated among the collectors community, not in my case though... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Haha! This is sweet overdose of mecha pics! I didn't get Kotobukiya Red Five kit cos had bought the action figure by Megahouse. Great you like Linebarrels too! I'm a fan to the hero of justice as well. Man! I should start taking pics of my linebarrels toys to share my joy with u pal!

deSMOnd said...

I like the diorama made in the last picture shown :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! I remember this diorama was there at Gundam Front during my last visit ^_^ Wonderful isn't it ...


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