Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kuroko no Basket : Master Stars Piece : Kuroko Tetsuya Figure

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic1 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic1_zps2b039882.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic2 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic2_zps9002f75a.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic3 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic3_zps11b52c4a.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic5 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic5_zps774b0265.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic4 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic4_zpsad413b6d.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic6 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic6_zps5487ba42.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic8 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic8_zps990bc9dd.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic9 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic9_zpse0198c33.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic10 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic10_zps4c986ab2.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic11 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic11_zps0726188c.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic12 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic12_zpsc9f7bc92.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic13 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic13_zpsb7cd48e3.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic14 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic14_zps084e2684.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic15 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic15_zps479ab92d.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic16 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic16_zpsb0e4a063.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic17 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic17_zps7f323ce7.jpg

Kuroko No Basket Tetsuya Figure Pic18 photo KurokoNoBasketTetsuyaFigurePic18_zps0c21b1a6.jpg 

It's about time someone give basketball related anime some attention after 'Slamdunk' and 'Kuroko no Basket' now enters the court with a bang! The first two seasons of Kuroko no Basket' is really awesome as the story transit from a realism tactical game play to super athletic abilities. Still, the anime brought back good memories of my younger days playing basketball and getting this old butt back to playing the ball game he knows best! It's more maintaining fitness and shedding those love handles of mine. 

Basketball player figure ain't really in my collection but seeing this Kuroko Tetsuya PVC figure waiver my will to resist. Especially this tall 26cm PVC figure (stands taller than the box when the legs are fitted to the torso) going at an irresistible price made it even harder to give it a miss. Thank you Banpresto for producing this prepainted Master Star Piece figure, for Crane King UFO catcher prize in Japan I supposed. Great sculpt of the boyish Tetsuya aka Shadow with good details on the face and the hair. Attired in his home ground white Seirin jersey. 

Sharp paint job and could literally feel the texture of the basketball Tetsuya is holding. The sport jacket is an optional part so Tetsuya can either go with or without it. The figure is well-balanced so it can actually go without the translucent base that fastened to the ankle. Know what! I actually brought this figure to the basketball court I frequent after my comeback for this outdoor shoot.


chrismandesign said...

great introduction !!!... first you publish an apparel, then you show the figure/statue of the character himself, that’s what i call "expectation campaign" !!!... this is an outstanding statue in terms of size and quality, with realistic sculpt in the clothes (which is something hard to get), the ball and the figure itself, also complemented by a dapper paint job... great job again from Banpresto and a wise selection of the real background for a nice photo shoot !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I had my eyes on this series of Banpresto Master Piece toyline as it's really value for money with good sculpt and nice size for display. 'Expectation campaign', heehee that thinking the back to back posts of same theme would gain some attention ^_^


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