Saturday 28 February 2015

Gundam The Origin I 'Blue-Eyed Casval' Singapore Screening

Just going do a short post today since I haven't fully recovered from a bad cold and still feeling drowsy under the influence of medication. Had a short meet-up with Ngee Khiong who had made a transit over to Singapore before flying off to the 'land of smiles' for vacation. Thereafter, Leon 'Open The Toy' and I had made our way to Golden Village Jurong Point for the movie screening of Gundam The Origin I 'Blue-Eyed Casval'. In fact, I only knew about the movie screening happening in Singapore a few days back. Either  I'm slow or the publicity ain't much. Unlike in Japan, we didn't have grand reception or set-up at cinema, apart from standing banner at the entry and free movie poster for movie goers. Gotten thank Leon for getting the pic of me with the banner. 

Anyway, I managed to watch the first 7 minutes teaser of the movie before heading to the cinema and I would say the 3D effect was a lot more prominent watching on big screen. Not many action scenes from Gundam Origin I as the storyline focused more on the politics before Zabi family came into power, plotted against Char's father - Zeon Zum Deikun, declared Side 3 colony independence and eventually started the 'One Year War'. In short, it's a prequel of OYW whereby Char aka Casval took center stage. Even for a U.C timeline setting, the anime was not all serious with some comic relieves been insert and many would probably laugh seeing the young Ramba Ral. Crowley Hamon was also featured in the movie and she's total spy, I manned resourceful and intelligent. Last spoiler from me Nudity = fanservice from Kycilia Zabi ^_^

ps - Many thanx to Leon for booking the tickets and gifts (The crater base and Gundam recycle bag are awesome)


deSMOnd said...

The trailer looks interesting!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Ha! Ha! The ironic is that the trailer made up like 40% of all action scenes in the entire movie : (

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