Friday 12 January 2024

Voltes V Quiccs V63

If someone is to ask me which mecha best represents Philippines, I will definitely say it’s Voltes V! Its primary colors are somehow similar to Philippines flag and my upmost respect for their passion as well as the recent Voltes V live-action show. There are a lots of Voltes V inspired creations but the one that truly stole my heart is this exclusive Voltes V x Quiccs V63 released during Toycon Philippines 2022. I didn’t want to trouble my friend in Philippines but I’m glad to get it from a Filipino seller based here. Hefty price in secondary market and definitely one of the most expensive toy set in my collection. Totally worth it for these awesome Quiccs V63 in trio 3.5”, 7” & 14” made of resin. Moreover it’s an official collaboration with Voltes V, a cultural icon in the Philippines and one of the Japanese anime that the boss personally grew up with during the 80’s!

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