Thursday, 8 January 2015

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour GAC110-6A

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic2 photo EVAGShockPic2_zps3b5fcdb1.jpg

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic1 photo EVAGShockPic1_zpsa9a296a8.jpg

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic6 photo EVAGShockPic6_zps180c1a00.jpg

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic3 photo EVAGShockPic3_zpseb82b4a2.jpg

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic4 photo EVAGShockPic4_zps125f3a15.jpg

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic5 photo EVAGShockPic5_zpsde193176.jpg

G-Shock EVA Unit 01 Colour Pic7 photo EVAGShockPic7_zpse95e9d09.jpg

EVA Convoy MP10 Prime Pic1 photo EVAConvoyPrime1_zps5f3453b5.jpg
EVA Convoy pics contributed by Big Ben!

EVA Convoy MP10 Prime Pic2 photo EVAConvoyPrime2_zps1990388d.jpg

EVA Convoy MP10 Prime Pic3 photo EVAConvoyPrime3_zps6c1de9a8.jpg 

AWEsomely EVA with everything EVA with my latest G-Shock from wifee this Christmas to go with my EVA tee... Totally angelical... Lol... It even set a trend among my friends to get the same watch! Just like wise Guy 'A' had quoted 'People who own this watch have class and have good taste!' Ha! Ha! Guy 'A' has always been a faithful Evangelion Neo Genesis fan and as for Big Ben, he simply bought it to compliment his Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy Mode 'EVA'. What a spectacular! All three of us had the same watch in a bond brotherhood. Ha! Ha!

I made admit the beauty as a result of the fusion between Optimus Prime and Eva Unit 01. The colour and art on the trailer container added lotz of charm. Through not inducted as an official EVA watch, this design, in terms of colour scheme come closer to Unit 01 with a touch of glossy purple crown and strap with some green on the watch face plus hour/minute hands. Looks for compatible even when I put the watch next to my EVA Unit 01 action figure by Kaiyodo ^_^


chrismandesign said...

i wonder why a Casio watch that has such a clear resemblance with EVA 01 color scheme, would not be promoted as official merchandising of the Series... i mean, it looks like something completely intentional... i guess the royalties for this franchise are kinda high... what a pity that the rubber/resin belts produce me some rash =/...

it looks incredibly good and certainly is an awesome gift, pal !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I kind of believed that conspiracy theory. Lol the price of the official EVA is almost a thousand dollars and IMHO, which is a bit far fetch just for the royalty. Sorry to hear about your rash towards rubber/plastic straps. G-Shock has very cool watch with metal chain too! I used to wear one during my patrol days : )

deSMOnd said...

Purple and green schemes are definitely very sharp and unique!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! Colour scheme of Unit 01 was a very bold attempt for 90s mecha. It was breakthrough which turned out right!


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