Tuesday, 13 January 2015

1/100 Customed Army Camouflage Gundam (Ground Type)

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 1 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType1_zps7dae5bee.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 8 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType8_zps58b8a763.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 6 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType6_zpscf976b79.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 2 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType2_zps3cd4be26.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 4 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType4_zps7ed845f8.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 9 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType9_zpscfdbf772.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 3 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType3_zps03164d59.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 5 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType5_zps40cb5f1b.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 7 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType7_zpse98d6d15.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 10 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType10_zpse17870f6.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 11 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType11_zpsf8ee1dfa.jpg

Camouflage Gundam Ground Type 12 photo CamouflageGundamGroundType12_zps4fdcd06e.jpg

 photo IMG_5601_zps9250d7b0.jpg

 photo IMG_5599_zpsa59e748d.jpg

 photo IMG_5600_zpsd0d7fb26.jpg

 photo IMG_5597_zps19eb792f.jpg

 photo IMG_5596_zps2ff27d6d.jpg

 photo IMG_5598_zps97c6634a.jpg

A butter trade with Kenny using some of my unbuilt GM kits for his 1/100 Scale Army Camouflage Gundam Ground Type. A bit of the background on this customized Gundam... It's based on the second generation of Singapore Arm Forces (SAF), forrest camouflage combat uniform. Must be an inspiration during his national service days! The camou design is very appropriate for ground type MS like this especially in the anime, battles were fought in dense tropical rain forest. 

Kenny wanted to keep his collection to 1/144 scale that's why he gave up this piece. It's really my gain adding this beautiful piece to my collection of MG kit. This 1/100 scale  Customed Army Camouflage Gundam Ground Type is sooooo.... well built that is depressing too... I'm sooooo..... far away to achieve this level! I using my collection of MG Gundam EZ-8 and Tamiya Remote control T-34 Russian WWII tank in some of the pics. 


deSMOnd said...

What a great custom piece you got from your friend :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! I really like his works. A really nice friend too : )

chrismandesign said...

i thought it was a camo design completely based on the imagination, but the fact that it has an actual reference, from de singaporean army, well, makes it very special... not to mention the natural background in the pictures, almost looks like a diorama made on purpose, very attractive haul, pal !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Yeah! A good reason for the camouflage design and so very well suit on a Gundam Ground Type. I wanted to add some spice to the Gunpla so decided to bring it out for an outdoor shot, though the mosquitos were feasting on me. Lol. So glad that the pics turned out ok.


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