Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Otaku Geek Shop @ Level 4 Plaza Singapura - PLAY Toy Shop

Play Toy Shop 1 photo PlayToyShop1_zps0cc9ffaa.jpg

Play Toy Shop 2 photo PlayToyShop2_zpse7699398.jpg

Play Toy Shop 5 photo PlayToyShop5_zps8569cea2.jpg
Range of toys on shelves

Play Toy Shop 6 photo PlayToyShop6_zps8973881a.jpg

Play Toy Shop 3 photo PlayToyShop3_zpse977862e.jpg
POP! Cute figures

Play Toy Shop 4 photo PlayToyShop4_zps79daf3e2.jpg

Play Toy Shop 9 photo PlayToyShop9_zps72bd64b3.jpg
Kotobukiya Statues

Play Toy Shop 8 photo PlayToyShop8_zpse0b7daa1.jpg
Transformers toys

Play Toy Shop 10 photo PlayToyShop10_zps6b9f5381.jpg
Figurines of your favourite soccer players

Play Toy Shop 12 photo PlayToyShop12_zpsffbcbcf0.jpg
Anime game prize figurines

Play Toy Shop 7 photo PlayToyShop7_zps10b4432c.jpg

Play Toy Shop 17 photo PlayToyShop17_zps44dc49fb.jpg

Play Toy Shop 15 photo PlayToyShop15_zps04bba66d.jpg

Play Toy Shop 13 photo PlayToyShop13_zps68a94773.jpg

Play Toy Shop 11 photo PlayToyShop11_zpsb8882506.jpg
Doraemo and others...

Play Toy Shop 14 photo PlayToyShop14_zps97e5f7db.jpg
1/1 scale Ironman statue plus Astroboy 

Play Toy Shop 21 photo PlayToyShop21_zpse5735d16.jpg

Play Toy Shop 19 photo PlayToyShop19_zps53f5443a.jpg

Play Toy Shop 20 photo PlayToyShop20_zps4be12696.jpg

Play Toy Shop 18 photo PlayToyShop18_zpsdaebda6b.jpg

Play Toy Shop 16 photo PlayToyShop16_zps532bdfbf.jpg 

Had gone to town the other day for blood donation and happened to bump into this new otaku geek shop @ Level 4 of PS - Plaza Singapura. Is was those tall Ironman statues at the entrance which start caught my attention. The entrance ain't wide but as I stepped in, I noticed the floor area was quite big and in fact deep as I walked further inwards. 

A good range of toys that's more than meet the eyes from Transformers, Hot Toys, PlayArt, TMNT action figures, novelty figures rekated to Minecraft, Pokemon, Soccer figurines, KO LEGO like figures and diecast cars. PLAY also carry some handphone gadgets like casing and earphones. I saw some Doraemo display figures and quite a few anime game prize figures. Well, I saw some KO figures for those like the character and yet won't mind the quality or didn't think the original is worth play too much. 

If you are looking for display case, there were also acrylic casing in various shapes and sizes selling @ there. Enter the side door in the shop and you would see and impressive display of a 1/1 scale Ironman statue, Astroboy and other bulky items available like an exhibition area under dim lightings. Plaza Singapura is now a happening place for toy collectors with more toy shops gathering under one roof. 


deSMOnd said...

I will go down one day if I am free..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! Check out the store ^_^

chrismandesign said...

in a big city, like my hometown, i think there must be more hidden places than i dare to admit with surprising stuff waiting to be discovered... lately i have been kinda busy and my "military recon missions" are rather scarce... LOL !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Taking a walk out window shopping can give us surprises at times. Sometimes, they make u spend too! Lol.. Despite your busy schedule, you are still blogging regularly and that's remarkable pal. Keep it up pal ^_^

LEon said...

Look like Simply toy....or both carry same product that's why...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Simply Toys has more Star Wars stuff and ST only sell authentic products.

MeloveAwesome54 said...

Do you know how much those Mini Danboards cost? Planning to buy one for myself and a friend.

MeloveAwesome54 said...

Do you know how much those Mini Danboards cost? Planning to buy one for myself and a friend.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I didn't notice the pricing. Better see it for yourself and decide.

Adrian Yeo said...

Watch out for the bootlegs in the shop... I don't know about the other products, but the Nendoroids and some figures are definitely bootlegs.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Usually can tell by the eyes of the figures. Be cautious if price is too good to be true. Unless you don't really mind. Buyer's discretion...

Winni Noveni said...

I just found out that i got a bootleg trafalgar law p.o.p figure.. Cost $65. Shared with another person for the discount so $45. Cqant even ask for refund since the receipt is with the other person I realised it when i saw the one in TOG.. Bought it for $115.. Looked so different -_- especially the face.. well at least i got it at a discounted price.

Winni Noveni said...

As (dennis aka katsuden) mentioned. Look at the eyes carefully, look at the sticker.. Well unless you dont mind since its cheaper. It's just this one figurine though.. Not sure about the rest in the store...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the heads up Winni! Good to inspect the item carefully especially when the price is too good to be true. So far there are also feedback from friends that bootleg Robot Damashii were found in the store. Once again, buyers' discretions and preference.. Good day ^_^


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