Saturday, 6 December 2014

Anime Festival Asia AFA Singapore 2014 (Part 1 - Mecha)

AFA 2014 photo AFA2014_zpsbf931f72.jpg
Anime Festival Asia AFA 2014 is now in Singapore  - New Mascot Seika (Pink hair girl)

 photo IMG_8553_zps5b0a86a3.jpg

 photo IMG_8536_zps66cb7e1a.jpg
Bear GGuy (F) Family

  photo IMG_8537_zps782070c5.jpg

 photo IMG_8538_zpsf4d61d67.jpg 
Gundam EZ-SR

 photo IMG_8546_zpsc9c46d4b.jpg 
PG Unicorn Gundam

  photo IMG_8541_zps9aaacd47.jpg

 photo IMG_8547_zps5913af44.jpg

 photo IMG_8582_zpsb929b8a1.jpg 
Gundam Hall of Fame 

   photo IMG_8590_zps0530a431.jpg 
Gundam In GM colour scheme

  photo IMG_8595_zps5a1d12a9.jpg

 photo IMG_8617_zps410db9f8.jpg
Robot Tamashii Spirit Hi Nu Gundam

   photo IMG_8618_zps4b79753c.jpg

 photo IMG_8622_zpsb5ab096f.jpg 
Unicorn Gundam Destory mode Metal Build
   photo IMG_3951_zps388ef8a6.jpg
Uru in Blue

 photo IMG_8666_zpscc34a7fd.jpg

 photo IMG_8684_zps653e0790.jpg 

 photo IMG_8606_zps63d81b7b.jpg
Kantai Collection Yamato

 photo IMG_8607_zps45f4ed96.jpg

 photo IMG_8608_zps05de14ad.jpg

 photo IMG_8806_zps1894c16b.jpg 
Five Stars Story - Volks Booth

   photo IMG_8822_zps86d711db.jpg

 photo IMG_8814_zps1e8975ea.jpg

 photo IMG_8820_zps0ba70c99.jpg

 photo IMG_8815_zps2b628328.jpg

 photo IMG_8819_zps7b1e4170.jpg

 photo IMG_8824_zps35b2b7de.jpg

 photo IMG_8818_zps9ae188bb.jpg

 photo IMG_8816_zpsa1be2af6.jpg

 photo IMG_8805_zps7928aa38.jpg

 photo IMG_8847_zps7d77c9c1.jpg

 photo IMG_8857_zps3975447b.jpg

 photo IMG_8853_zpsa8649726.jpg

 photo IMG_8856_zpsb7fd9a50.jpg

 photo IMG_8852_zpsc061f6c7.jpg

 photo IMG_8851_zpsf00fa4be.jpg

 photo IMG_8840_zps38a4d3fd.jpg 

   photo IMG_8843_zpsc3466347.jpg

 photo IMG_8839_zpse5f65384.jpg 
Valkyria Chronicles - Edelweiss

  photo IMG_8838_zpsce40e5fb.jpg

 photo IMG_8768_zps23c9ee28.jpg

 photo IMG_8769_zpse202f873.jpg
God bless America

 photo IMG_8623_zps1be55beb.jpg
Doraemo SF Robot Fujiko F. Fujio

The wave of Anime Festival Asia AFA 2014 has hit Singapore and undeniably the biggest extravaganza with gathering of regional talents and all the way from Japan with anything under the umbrella of anime! I didn't go for any Anisong concert this year, but my loots can say to be one of the most in recent AFA. I spent most of my pennies at VOLKS INC. (Seek Creativity) booth this year as their mecha merchandises were awesome! I had been to Volks store at Akihabara and when I saw the incredible discount @ AFA 2014 Singapore, it was too hard to resist. Patience did pay off ^_^

The 1-day exhibition ticket is S$13/- which I think it's still fairly reasonable to pay for single admission. I entered without media pass so here I am giving you readers, my editor's choice, pick and favourite! AFA 2014 marks the 11th AFA ever held in Asia! My shotgun opening post of this year AFA would be those mecha related stuff that caught my eyes.

My AFA 2014 Loots photo MyAFA2014Loots_zps0ce283db.jpg
My AFA 2014 Loots
1/100 VS-IMS-01 Five Stars Story Bang
Linebarrel (White)
Linebarrel (Black)
Muv-Luv Alternative Shiranui U.N version
+ 2009 Limited Shiranui U.N version
SEGA JAMMA prize Hatsune Mika figure
AFA shop item - Gundam OYW T-shirt
AFA shop item - Gundam OYW mousepad
AFA shop item - Gundam OYW water tumbler


chrismandesign said...

i know exactly why the Volks mechas were so tasty for you, because seriously they’re incredibly cool and distinctive !!!... i can say they combine perfectly a medieval feeling with a high tech and androgynous appearance (i haven’t seen a fancy knight-like mecha with high heels looking sooooo good !!!)... totally agree with you, patience rewards awesomely !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah pal! VOLKS INC. definitely is my favourite booth and the mecha they choose to work on provided mecha lovers great alternatives. It's not often we see these kits and action figures in Singapore and I'm extremely delighted that VOLKS INC. participated this AFA!

deSMOnd said...

Thanks for sharing bro!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No prob! More to come ^_^ need some time to process the pics.


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