Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gundam Base - Korean Seoul Busan

Gundam Base Korean Busan 1 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan1_zpsfc234a7a.jpg 
Gundam Base Busan is located at Dong Bo Plaza 

Gundam Base Korean Busan 2 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan2_zps03a8f2f4.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 4 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan4_zpsb97fa540.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 3 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan3_zps4f513f1b.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 5 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan5_zps7a151bbc.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 6 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan6_zpseffb6d85.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 7 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan7_zps2f8c4928.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 8 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan8_zpsaf748962.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 11 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan11_zps3274adde.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 10 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan10_zpsdf389f79.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 9 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan9_zps3877c116.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 13 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan13_zpsa9543cc3.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 12 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan12_zpse4ec3082.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 15 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan15_zpsd57ba6b4.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 14 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan14_zps711e6c9f.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 16 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan16_zps311ee935.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 18 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan18_zpsb40cc70b.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 17 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan17_zpsc3a3eb15.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 20 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan20_zpsed8160b3.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 19 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan19_zpsedb3c028.jpg

Gundam Base Korean Busan 21 photo GundamBaseKoreanBusan21_zps5a41d79b.jpg 

"Anyoung Haseyo", correspondent from South Korea with pics contributed by a fellow Gundam chit-chat-club member aka 'Mech Huang', taken during his holidays @ Korean Seoul Busan where he visited the Gundam Base located at Dong Bo Plaza. I have seen coverage on Gundam Builders World Cup (GBWC) Korea entries and with Gundam Base store as big as this, I'm sure there must have a strong Gundam fans' base in Seoul. In Singapore, we have model kit hobby shops and occasional Gundam roadshows but we have yet to reach the state of mega Gundam Base store with ton of space and has beautiful displays, dedicated to all sorts of mecha toys, model kits, gunpla or hobby accessories imported from Japan. 

A definite toy heaven for Mech Huang as he roam the base and sent us almost non-stop pics to our watsapp group chat. It's not just Gundam stuff as the store catered to other mecha kits ranging to Evangelion, Votom, Full Metal Panic, Patlabor and of course other Bandai's licensed product like MG Dragonball, MG Tiger & Bunny, MG Kamen Rider and One Piece. Thank you Mech Huang for widening my horizon and understanding to Seoul beside the cosmetics, K.drama, Running Man, Girls Generation, Kimchi and Korean BBQ ^_^


deSMOnd said...

The space is really huge and the toys are nicely displayed..

chrismandesign said...

good to know that there is a strong Gundam fandom in South Korea... actually is the first time i heard about that... looking at the size of such place, they take that hobby seriously, is more like an Expo to me !!! =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed, even though there won't be too much of a discount, the display is neat and impressive.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Can't agree more that Gunpla is a serious hobby even in Korea judging from the scale of the store. It's also a way to attract people into the hobby especially mecha fans.

Daniel Grove said...

Really an awesome job with everything from the setup to displays. Now I need to find a large Gundam to post outside my house - that would be cool!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! Very professionally done like gallery of Gunpla and friends... The biggest Gundam I have is the Jumbo Grade and any bigger than that would be difficult to display at home. You put a big Gundam outside your house and it maybe be picked up by other enthusiast. Heehee.

Stanley Lim said...


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

All thx to Mech's pics bro!


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