Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Toy Sale! @ Henderson Industrial Park 16-19th & 26-29th Oct 2014

Happy Birthday Cai Wei! He sure had enjoyed shopping for his own birthday presents @ Branded Toy Sale @ Henderson Industrial Park #02-09, entrance via Wing A, happening 6-19th and 26-29th Oct 2014. Thanx to Cai Wei's pics as site correspondence this post is possible and for those who come across this post, do spread the news and love! It looks like this sale is gotten be worth making a trip with toys suitable for kiddos and collectors who don't have pet peeve over battered boxes. Lol... Seems like Cai Wei is able to fish out some really vintage stuff as well. How often do you see Z Knight model kit by TOMY?!


deSMOnd said...

Wah!! lots of vintage toys there...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! How often do we see vintage Z Knight & GI Joe.. ^_^


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