Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dragon Ball Z Hero Series Super Saiyan Trunks Figure

Continued from my previous post on Vegeta, Dragonball Z Hero Series and like father like son, here's Super Saiyan Trunks (Quite a weird name IMHO). Released in 2009 in line with the enhanced Dragonball Z Kai anime, this figure came with a card of Trunk profile, fastened to the 8" figure. An almost fix pose with only rotatable hands and hip and due to the vinyl nature ... the hip isn't attached well with an awkward twist. Future Trunks (未来のトランクス), referred to in the series simply as Trunks, is the Saiyan and Humanhybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma from the alternate future. By the time Present Trunks was born, the timeline had been altered by Future Trunks' and Cell's trips to the past. Future Trunks presented in this figure had donned a Saiyan armour training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber, in anticipation of Cell attack in DragonBall Z the anime series. Instead of yellow, this presentation of Trunk's figure had been given a chrome in his Super Saiyan form. 


deSMOnd said...

I thought the figure turns yellowish after a long time..Lucky you mentioned :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I must admit that this figure isn't so well made given the soft vinyl nature. The tarnish did give some contrast through.

LEon said...

Bring them to Istana to shoot too. LOL

chrismandesign said...

this line must have some years in the market because the sculpt is simple, yet the Vegeta figure is outstanding and works pretty fine as PVC statue, even for the current standards... you don’t expect great articulation for this kind of figures anyway... the plus in the Trunks figure is the shadowing finishing, the sculpt is nice too but not as much as in Vegeta... uhmm i’m not pretty sure if the the golden super saiyan hair is better than the kinda yellow of the anime series... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
Gotto wait till public holiday for Istana open house. Lol... Very sharp eyes bro, u spotted I took those pics at Istana Park!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Yeah! This vinyl had been ard since Bandai first produced the very 1st Ultraman. It's like a toy culture for the Japanese since then. True that we shouldn't be expecting much articulation for that matter. In fact, I bought it more for the Saiyan armor suit which Trunks is in. That's my Achilles' heel. Lol As for the hair colour. The Super Saiyan hair supposed to be gold but in anime its presented in yellow. Really depends on individual. I guess both go fine with me.


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