Sunday, 7 September 2014

Simply Toys @ STGCC 2014

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Snake Metal Gear Solid

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Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Warrior of Light

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Popular card game got its treat of bishoujo - Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia

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SAO - Leafa

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SAO - Asuna Fairy 

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Payment queue such is long @ Simply Toys! Established toy shop in Singapore having wide range of toys to cater for different type of collectors. This year Simply Toys had also done some impressive display of toys beside selling them. My interest for Play Arts Kai figure had grew with many of the game characters or D.C heroes given those knighty armours. I had my Final Fantasy Warrior of Light figure preordered and get wait to collect it. 

Simply Toys do bring prepainted Super Heroes as well as movie characters statues and niche Kotobukiya model kits and anime Bishoujo. Popular card game got its treat of bishoujo - Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia. Simply Toys had exclusively brought in Robotech Anniversary super deform VF-1S figure by Toynami for sale this STGCC. Some bishoujo and Zoids H.C.M kit on pay 2 get 1 free offer. There is budget corner of toys at incredible discount, which I got my son a $7.90 Transformers Prime Wheel Jack. 

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