Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fire Emblem Exceed A Generation Ferry Fyurī フュリー Figure

I'm putting together 3 toys for this post and needless to say the highlight reel revolve around 'Ferry' or in Japanese 'Fyurī' フュリー, from the famous Nintendo's turn-based strategy game set in knight fantasy. She is one of the Four Angelic Knights of Silesse, better known as Pegasus Knight. In game, Pegasus Knight has a wide mobility range with their choice of weapon either lance or sword. They are relatively strong and useful however they are extremely vulnerable against archers. 

Ferry is one of the few 'Fire Emblem' character who got a figure treatment. Seisen no Keifu Character Figures aka Fire Emblem Exceed a Generation is a figurine collection that have the characters from Fire Emblem, featured as a Trading Figure (Japanese blind-box figure). This figure stands 4.75" (11.5 cm) in height, with a 3" in diameter base. Packaged in a color box, with Japanese text. Requires simple assembly. It includes a textured, circular base, with an English label of the game "Fire Emblem" on the front. 

Since Ferry is a Pegasus Knight, I had this idea of getting her a rider and first I got her a medieval looking pegasus by 'Papo'. So glad that Ferry's figure has a wide leg stance enable her to ride the pegasus however medieval looking pegasus still seems a bit unsuitable. Good thing and browsed through Papo catalogue and found a more ideal pure white pegasus and procured it through ordering from a toy shop @ Tanglin Mall 'The Better Toy Store'.


desmond said...

Bro, I guess you still have lots of such figures to be reviewed..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You can say so bro... I always have the liking for trading figures and they more affordable for momento. I still have the main character to review for 'Fire Emblem' series.

chrismandesign said...

each figure you have published related with this video game, has its own charm, but this one stands out by its nice sculpting and the pearlescent finishing in the paint job... the horse figures, on the other hand, work pretty fine to give Ferry the appropriate ride... the clean white has a quite detailed texture, which adds realism to a mythical creature that is always a challenge to represent faithfully !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed, each character and their relationship with others been featured tells a story of the game itself like completing a puzzle. I especially like this series of trading figure for its sculpt and quality. It really excite me a having to find a compatible rider for Ferry. Feels really good that it's been appreciated as I took a great deal for outdoor shoot and indoor props set up. Hope u guys like it ^_^


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