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Dragonball Z - Forces of Evil: Nappa & Raditz

DBZ Nappa Raditz Pic1 photo DBZNappaRaditzPic1_zps93cf1e56.jpg

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DBZ Nappa Raditz Pic20 photo DBZNappaRaditzPic20_zps119dc8f7.jpg 

You probably know Jakks Pacific better for making wrestling action figures rather that Dragonball Z figure. Made a search on eBay and you would be amazed by the abundant of DBZ action figure you could find. Of course some were highly sought figures that buyers who knew their value would have to forked out more. I got these evil pair from Evil Bay as well so you could call them imported stuff from U.S. I'm not sure why Jakks Pacific released Nappa and Raditz in a pack as pair. Raditz was killed by the DBZ warriors before Frieza sent both Vegeta and Nappa. Come to think about that, Vegeta and Nappa would made a more suitable pair. Anyway, 'Forces of Evil' might be over-rated as these guys just B-Category villains compared to Frieza.

When you looked at the product packaging on card, the action figure were manned for aged 4+ so they are likely to target children. I'm a big kid now! Not sure why the card has 'Trunks' and 'Cell' but at least Jakks Pacific was right to put Nappa and Raditz pics. Through the transparent plastic window, the accessories like the scouters and dragonballs were clearly shown. If you wanted to complete all 7 dragonballs, you would need to hunt for other packs. As for the removable scouters, all it needed was to plugged into the left ear of the figure and removed them when battle got intense. Just needed to pay more attention and not to lose them as they were pretty small. 

In my opinion, Nappa was quite well made and anime accurate to think that it was the first Nappa action figure in tradition Saiyan suit. Unfortunately, these action figures had limited point of articulations and were further restricted by their Saiyan suits. More disappointment for Raditz as mine came with a pair of weird eyes which made the facial kind of awkward. I understand that Raditz had long hair but when made into toy, those thick long hair in PVC thrown the center of gravity off and caused much trouble on the balancing. 


desmond said...

The body surface is shining..plastic feel!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! Oh yes! So shiny that it's reflecting images of the surroundings.

chrismandesign said...

for me, Jakks Pacific is a cult brand, just like the extincted ToyBiz and they had a surprising assortment of lines with great figures !!!... despite the plastic look, the sculpt is defined and the paint job is careful, things you really appreciate from vintage toys (and which you hardly find)... the hair of Radits will be always a challenge for any toy version, i have a gashapon of him and the hair is clearly the heaviest part of the minifigure, which needs the extra base to stand... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

At first when I heard cult brand, I thought I was something evil.. Lol.. Evil in a sense it made me spent.. Haha... (I know I know, change in culture and ways of life)... It's indeed awesome to see Jakks Pacific manufacturing DBZ in the Western World with these cool badass characters even before anyone thought of them to be S.H.Figuart. I always trust Jakks Pacific with action figures like those brilliant wrestling ones in the past. It took me some effort in procuring this set and I like they are cool. As for Raditz' hair, it look really badass in anime and in figure, the thick and heavy plastic made it so difficult to defy gravity.. Haha! Goes for many oversized big headed Nendoroids too.. Hehe... Stand base is the solution for the time being...


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