Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Takashimaya Mid Year Toy Universe Sale 2014

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Wifee and our dearest princess Wenz (human-size Build Strike Gundam)

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 photo IMG_1199_zpsf380dabf.jpg 

Sorry for the recent absence of toy review cos this month is really happening with sales and events. In conjunction with Great Singapore Sale, Takashimaya is holding its Toy Mid Year Sale again. It was already a talk point among my fellow comrades from Gundam Chit-Chat Club this morning. Also thanx to them and wifee, I got all the pics I need for this post. I will go down tomorrow to see it myself (Hopefully to take more pics of the Gunpla Mid Year Entries) and likely to get the Valvrave kit. Hopefully my comrades don't sweep them up, leave some for me! Gosh! I have been spending a lot this month. Regular Gunpla going 20% and check budget corner for Gunpla like Extreme Gundam @ $20. Also a sneek peek where the mid year entry kit display. So come on now to 29th June to be a big kid!


on_o said...

I see the Bearguy u've been longing for is there too!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Bro! You sure know my taste! Btw, I also saw the Zogok that you have been eyeing on!

desmond said...

When my son grows up, I will also bring him to the toy events in future..HAHA!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Such a good daddy! Your boy boy is very blessed! Toy sale is a good time to buy and keep some presents or rewards for kiddos...


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