Friday, 13 June 2014

Singapore Gundam Model Kit contest 2014 Mid Year Entries

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Set your GB Base for a look @ Singapore Gundam Model Kit contest 2014 Mid-Year entries now exhibiting at Gundam section of Takashimaya Mid Year Toy Universe Sale 2014 arena, basement 2. Apologies for not segregating the different categories like Youth, Junior and Open as I'm taking pics of the entries which appealed to me as usual. Well, I did spend an hour (just on three display cabinets!) engrossed in taking these pics, trying to cover as many possible. Caring less on finding faults with the entries (let's leave it to the judges) but hopefully to bring out the best in each entry through my pics. Anyway, as the saying goes "Picture can be deceiving", so if you have the time, go see them for yourselves.


desmond said...

A lot of great painted model kits there..Did Leon Ku participate the contest?

burntrolls said...

The talent in Singapore is amazing, great to see such beautiful designs and execution of skill, never have these types on events here in Oz :(

LEon said...

This year most are small scale in model kit entries. Only a handful are big...Still it is good to see new entries from new Modellers.

chrismandesign said...

the flame of gumpla seems to be quite alive in Singapore !!!... different approaches and yet all interesting in their own way, albeit some excel by their complexity (verging with the exaggeration) while others shine with simplicity and/or humor (including gundam cosplaying other anime/movies/manga characters)... P.S. i love that HY-GOGG !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Seeing these well-built Gunpla just made my day. I think Leon Ku, had retired or moved on to another field of airbrush interest. At times, skilled modeler moved on also to take up more commission assignments.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> burntrolls
A lot of Gunpla hobbyists from various countries are catching up and brewing to victories in GBWC. Imagination is endless, in line with what Bandai is promoting in Gundam Build Fighters the TV series now that a season 2 had been announced. Hopefully this hobby continue to grow and reach out to more..
Oz as in Aussie or Wizard of Oz... Lol

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
Indeed bro, I see less of huge Gunpla and big scale diorama... Maybe participants started realizing the important of good paint works after the single non diorama Sinanju won and represent Singapore... Lol

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
No doubt that Gunpla-ing as a hobby continue to grow in Singapore even though in my opinion Transformers and Starwars still take lead. Anyway, there are many who like both Gunpla and other toys at the same time. There are always some new each year and the few which I find interesting are the Strike Gundam in manga drawing style, the crossover between Gundam and Saint Seiyan S.H.Figuart, the customized Bearguy to Toystory's Alien and I'm favourite is the customized Jesta fusion with Macross Frontier GBP.

sl619 said...

It seems that the creativity level in the Singapore Gundam Mid Year Challenge is better than Malaysia. No offence. Im malaysian too. haha!
The mix and match is way more cooler

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder... It always hard to compare. I hope to see entries of Malaysia and many others from various part of the world. Like all other hobbies, it bring people closer to one another. Just like u and me bro : )


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