Saturday, 15 February 2014

RGM-79 Watch

I doubt this watch is an official product but here's something I got from online shop and it would likely appeal to GM fans. A metallic looking watch with GM face presented in old-fashion hand watch. The number, hour/minute/sec hands, crown as well as the E.F.S.F logo are chromed for contrast. I have checked all corners and edges of the watch but find no trace to whom might be responsible in the making of this watch. 

Anyway, thanx for having GM in mind when making the watch which ever underground organization you come from. I had replaced the battery of the watch and amazingly, it still runs. The casing you see belonged to another watch but I used it for better visual effect and the watch does not come with the the MG RGM-79... I'm using all these as props to promote the watch... Lol...


chrismandesign said...

although is not an official Gundam merchandising, it has some nice details, like the insignia in the pulse... well developed, it could be a great idea for a collectible related with the Gundam universe... =)

deSMOnd said...

Bro..glad that you get what you wanted..even a watch is being made for this character :P

LEon said...

It is a good get bro since I know you love GM.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Very true pal... It goes well with those many GM I have and yeah something related to the Gundam universe! I also saw another of RX-78-2 but only settled for this.

>> deSMOnd
It's was a surprise and the maker probably knows the demand...Hehe... Goes to show GM popularity ... Lol

>> LEon
Yeah bro, the ideal collectible watch for me ^_^

bluedrakon said...

Not sure I like this as much as I would think. Seems to be too plain to me. I don't wear watches anyway, but can see the draw of owning this one.


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