Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sword Art Online SAO Kirito キリト Figma

SAO Kirito Figma Pic1 photo KiritoFigmaPic1_zps6c516441.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic2 photo KiritoFigmaPic2_zpsf1b47710.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic29 photo KiritoFigmaPic29_zps9d5067ff.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic30 photo KiritoFigmaPic30_zpsa63ceb4c.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic28 photo KiritoFigmaPic28_zps4ec4af08.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic27 photo KiritoFigmaPic27_zps4b84d155.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic3 photo KiritoFigmaPic3_zps45e38d9d.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic4 photo KiritoFigmaPic4_zps9f5ed177.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic5 photo KiritoFigmaPic5_zps2d14feb8.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic6 photo KiritoFigmaPic6_zps564a5737.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic7 photo KiritoFigmaPic7_zpsa959002a.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic8 photo KiritoFigmaPic8_zps9421863a.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic9 photo KiritoFigmaPic9_zps3e94b691.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic10 photo KiritoFigmaPic10_zpsef07a482.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic11 photo KiritoFigmaPic11_zps86cb8c1b.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic12 photo KiritoFigmaPic12_zpsb61e4d5f.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic13 photo KiritoFigmaPic13_zps4f177d70.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic14 photo KiritoFigmaPic14_zps05d27f2d.jpg

SAO Kirito sword swing effect photo SAOKiritoswordswingeffect_zps1040ee06.png

SAO Kirito Figma Pic15 photo KiritoFigmaPic15_zps6e396d84.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic16 photo KiritoFigmaPic16_zps341bc1f5.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic17 photo KiritoFigmaPic17_zps64263f3d.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic18 photo KiritoFigmaPic18_zps95cb1b8c.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic19 photo KiritoFigmaPic19_zps951041bd.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic20 photo KiritoFigmaPic20_zps2297c63c.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic21 photo KiritoFigmaPic21_zps90f3b0ca.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic22 photo KiritoFigmaPic22_zpsa56c4bb1.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic23 photo KiritoFigmaPic23_zpsd9fb0c29.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic24 photo KiritoFigmaPic24_zps9049fbf0.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic25 photo KiritoFigmaPic25_zps824a4c2a.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic26 photo KiritoFigmaPic26_zps980893e1.jpg

 photo af0b6d0d-78c3-4912-9acc-c23cdeb304a6_zps1b97d16f.jpg

 photo 3a072eec-1485-4e89-b9dd-c2456348ec72_zps79c9df17.jpg

SAO Kirito Figma Pic33 photo KiritoFigmaPic33_zpsdadb371c.jpg 

Sword Art Online in short SAO was originated from light novel and took the anime world by surprise with its beautiful storyline while players were trapped in Massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG). I guess finding romance and genuine love in virtual world had fascinated many young ones. The sudden and incredible popularity created a sharp demand for its merchandises while most toy makers reacted rather slowly.

Kirito キリト is main protagonist in the anime, who entered the game as a beta tester and later established himself as the Black Swordsman 黒の剣士 , one of the few who managed to additional skills like double wield swords in the game. He was very much of a lone ranger until he met other female characters along the way and particularly Asuna アスナ.

Figma had continued to improve in their quality and accessories since my first Figma, Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen. No longer so frail with easily stressed joint. An amazing and stunning Kirito Figma which stands around 12cm with multiple ball joints and flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability. Value added gimmicks like changeable faces for three expressions including his standard expression, a shouting expression for combat and a lazy expression. Also four extra pairs of changeable hands to suit different styles. 

Kirito's favorite sword, 'Elucidator' as well as the sword made by Lisbeth, 'Dark Repulser' are both included, each with effect parts. Both swords can also be kept in the sheaths, on his back for non-combat scenes. An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken. Two problems when I was handling this Figma, there was some difficulty sliding the swords to the sword gripping changeable hands and the sword effect parts are kind of heavy, as such increased the difficulty of posing the figure on stand.

ps: Thank you Stanley for giving me the honor of opening the toy and reviewing it : )


Stanley Lim said...

another great post. u even research the name of the sword lol

deSMOnd said...

The sword effect parts are amazing!!

chrismandesign said...

the few figures i have seen here by Figma, achieve a great quality in finishing and detail, but the price is a tad higher than what i will be willing to pay =/... i think this figure is really nice but rather short of accessories, i guess this character doesn’t need too much anyway... on the other hand, your pictures look more pro bro, congrats !!!... =)

LEon said...

Nice! A great buy for SAO fan

Gains Royce said...

It's nice!!!
See these dolls made me think of
sword art online cosplay also is so beautiful.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Apologises for the late reply... Having to do OT @ work...

>> Stanley Lim
Thanx again for providing me the figure for review. It's a popular anime hence there are ample of info avail online.

>> deSMOnd
Indeed, the effect parts make cool features and posable figurines are heading these direction...

>> chrismandesign
Figma sure has reached a high standard in figure design and IMHO slightly ahead of most leading toy makers in terms of likeness, posability as well as pricing. A good method is too buy the Figma selectively for those you really like rather than collect'em all... Thx for the compliment of the photos pal... I skipped water marking my pics these days to speed things up ^_^

>> LEon
Yeah bro ... Now I envy Stanley more for having these awesome Figmas...

>> Gains Royce
Thank you for visiting my humble blog... Toys and cosplay are inseparable to anime... Cheers : )

bluedrakon said...

I have to say that I like this with the added color motion you can add to the swords. I loved the last series of shots showing both characters.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Strike effect parts for better visual and yeah, a prelude to Asuna Figma coming soon...


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