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Souten Kouro Cao Cao Figure

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic1 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic1_zps55021c23.jpg
Box artwork

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic2 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic2_zps82555057.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic3 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic3_zps8ea1253e.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic4 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic4_zps951771ee.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic5 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic5_zps58208583.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic6 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic6_zps5ba1aae2.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic7 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic7_zps2d49fbbf.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic8 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic8_zps338d98d2.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic9 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic9_zps3c4227ff.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic10 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic10_zpsf4fb7696.jpg

Souten Kouro NEXTLABEL Cao Cao Pic11 photo SoutenKouroNEXTLABELCaoCaoPic11_zpse01b379d.jpg 

Main protagonist of the manga/anime Souten Kouro aka 'Beyond The Heavens' 蒼天航路. Cao Cao was born to achieve great success as a character evaluator Xu Shao once said Cao Cao would either be a capable minister in peaceful times and an unscrupulous hero in chaotic times. Cao Cao is also famous for his quote 'I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me'. Cao Cao played a major role during the late Han, the era of 'Romance of Three Kingdoms' as a key general, warlord or ruler in epic battles such as the Alliance against Dong Zhuo, the battle of Guandu and the most epic battle of the red cliff. Cao Cao has the guts and wits of dominating over others. 

 Union Creative had done a good job for Cao Cao trading figure, released in late August 2010, the first wave of Souten Kouro 'NEXT LABEL' figure series. Figure stand approximately 11cm and come with a well designed hexagon black stand. The figure is well balance and stand on its own even without the stand. It's an illustration of a matured Cao Cao, at a time of Guandu battle. Fine paint job on the figure with the head not messed up. It's nicely posed and the right outfit showing strong winds blowing at Cao Cao.     


deSMOnd said...

Bro, where is his sword? Haha..

Yami said...

Which period is this version of Cao Cao? because at the moment his current look in the tranlation is still youthful

chrismandesign said...

compared with the previous figures published, this one looks more majestic and bold... it shows a character more hardened, even warlike, just like i think he should be (because i have no idea about this story or this particular character)... the quality and finishings are outstanding, i love the contrast between the coldness in the suit/armor and the warm accents of the cape and the fabric around his hip... a brilliant figure, no doubt !!! =)

bluedrakon said...

I have really enjoyed the figures they made for this series. They are always well done and showing some sort of motion.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
This series of figures didn't come with any weapons : ( Btw the anime has plenty of fist fighting which is pretty uncommon.

>> Yami
I'm only follow the anime and this figure resemble the period when Cao Cao fought Yuan Shao before the anime concluded at the battle Guandu. I would say when Cao Cao was gaining victories and lands.

>> chrismandesign
I presumed Union Creative took effort to make sure this figure doesn't go wrong. After all, Cao Cao is the protagonist in Souten Kouro. Though Cao Cao is not the kind of hero perhaps and main stream had mistook his intention. Casting all aside, the figure itself is a beauty.

>> bluedrakon
Agree on your point my friend. The different figures in this series explained a lot on the characteristic of the characters in the anime, some dumb and others graceful...


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