Saturday, 18 January 2014

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" MacFarlane

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic1 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic1_zps94bbfc9f.jpg

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic2 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic2_zps987c592e.jpg

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic3 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic3_zpsea06be24.jpg

 Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic4 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic4_zpsafec62b9.jpg

 photo f4f4f70b-d0e4-4599-8c35-67db57a301a8_zps80a1a5d0.jpg

 photo 440e26b8-eba5-4483-a163-42d68d1a7673_zpsa8e79c9e.jpg

 photo 85f90d15-2f7c-4545-8705-8cf7b551892c_zps507c1314.jpg
Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic8 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic8_zpse1f73a77.jpg

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic10 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic10_zps5e3e7010.jpg

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic11 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic11_zps890bf781.jpg

Halo 3 Master Chief 12" Pic9 photo Halo3MasterChief12quotPic9_zps9df2dab3.jpg
Size comparison to a 1/144 Gundam GFF 

After blogging about Desmond's collection, I'm in the mood to do some western toys review. Here is one protagonist of the Halo series, Master Chief figure by MacFarlane released in October 2008. Based on the popular XBox video game, Halo, Master Chief one of the few surviving spartan super soldiers, who possessed a unique trait that has made him both a hero and symbol of hope in the eyes of humanity, and a "demon" in the minds of his enemies. Till now, the franchise included anime OVA (Halo Legends) and short live-action mini series. 

Master Chief is a taller than average soldier so even in 1/6 scale, it stands sturdily towering over any 12" figures . It's a heavy plus huge action figure, having 18 points of articulation and equipped with the standard assault rifle and grenade as accessories. Pretty well sculpted and good paint job for a mass produced figure, the standard you would expect from MacFarlane. You can see nice definitions, weathering effect and battle damaged on the figure. Just that the hands are fixed and it kind of restricted.

ps: Thank you Desmond for adopting this figure... It will fit into your collection better ^_^


Ant Sized Man said...

Great photos of a awesome looking figure, got a 6 inche Chief myself for christmas which was a surpise.

chrismandesign said...

it looks like they have enlarged the 6"-7" figure to fit this size !!!... yet, is a great figure and i agree with you, pal, McFarlane has one of the best scultp jobs available in this segment and specially in the smaller action figures and statues... the other thing i like about McF collectibles, is the packaging design and graphics... is all about goodwill !!! =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Ant Sized Man
Happy for u that u got a small version of Chief too. I always find the visor kind of cool.

>> Chrismandesign
We have a MacFarlane supporter here.. Hehe... I noticed the McF back when they were making Spawn figures and I guess shouldn't be difficult for them to do simpler figure such as Halo.

deSMOnd said...

Bro, thanks for the figure and I appreciate that :P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No prob bro...

bluedrakon said...

My son loves the MegaBlok characters and collects them. He doesn't play the game as we have a Wii. I am sure he wouldn't mind a GIANT Figure to add to his collection.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have seen Halo toys in MegaBlok and they are pretty cool with those vehicles. I would buy Wii only to play Fire Emblem... hehe... Your son sure likes a lot of stuff... lol


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