Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Desmond's Invitational Toys Collection

Blogging had undoubtedly widened my circle of friends, some online and also some eventually from online to personal friends. One such would be Desmond, whom I would meet-up regularly. He's definitely no stranger to my blog and for those who follow my blog would often see his comments on my various posts. 

Desmond run his own toy blog 'deSMOnd Collection' and his collection comprises mainly of 12" figures of Superheroes and other sci-fi movie replicas, like Starwars, Terminator, Predator, MIB, Sucker Punch, Mr Bean & etc... Other toys of movie replica I saw @ his home were Transformers and Sylvester Stallone as Rocky in the form 8" figure.  Moving to 8" figures, we can tell that Desmond is a huge wrestling fans and we often discussed about wrestling when we meet up.

Desmond is also a movie goer who fancies Hong Kong Police movie and likes collecting HK Police 12" figure, mainly manufactured by Dragon which were very popular at one time. He will also would not missed out martial art movie of Donny Yen like his signature movie 'Ip Man'. Also other oriental action stars like Jet Li and the legendary Bruce Lee. 

Both Desmond and I are around the same age group so we kind of grew up in the era whereby western cartoon like Mask, Silver Hawk. T.M.N.T, Centurions, Ghost Busters others were favored. It's also that era with T.V series like Airwolf, Night Rider and A-Team were popular among boys. Desmond also  has a small collection of anime/manga toys mainly on Initial D and Slam Dunk. Though our toy-line of collection might be different, we share the same sentiment towards toys.


Om3ga062012 said...

Wow, great collections ^_^ ...Very neat and clean too.

Just curious, how long he had collected all the toys?

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, thank you for your introduction of my blog and very nice pictures taken on my toy room. I am glad that you are back to blog regularly and we shall continue to do things we like. Brothership forever and we will meet up very soon!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Om3ga062012
Totally agreed to the wow wow collection. I know Desmond ard 3 years back and he should be collecting toys way back.

>> deSMOnd
No prob bro! Good thing must share and yes... I'm back to blog @ fast and furious... lol... Bros forever and nice knowing u...

Stanley Lim said...

desmond nice n neat collection. how much u make for the one toy cabinet?

deSMOnd said...

Thanks Stanley..i made two cabinets cost at S$2700.