Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bastard!! Dark Schneider Figure

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Dark Schneider Figure2 photo DarkSchneiderFigure2_zpsefa30e35.jpg

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Dark Schneider Figure13 photo DarkSchneiderFigure13_zps5d5a2641.jpg 

Back from my long hiatus to bring you Bastard!! Dark Schneider Figure. One which I have kept very long and still loving it. Dark Schneider special jugulator 8" action figure from Kotobukiya USA released on January 2001. You can expect good sculpt and paint works from Kotobukiya even back then though the figure ain't very posable. Include the sword of Inferno which Schneider obtained after battling the beast and additional hand for holding weapons.

Based on a manga in Japan, published monthly by Shonen Jump Comics which had its OVA. Schneider is lone warlock, freed from years of imprisonment, stands against an army of destruction bent on world conquest and resurrection of an ancient evil. But Dark Schneider is not protecting the desperate people of Meta-Rikana out of the goodness of his heart. After all, they were the ones who imprisoned him for leading this same army against thier city the first time! However, he's not about to let his old army, his old generals, and his ex-girlfriend show him up. Besides, his new girlfriend is counting on him, and its been a while since he had some fun...


bluedrakon said...

It just shows you the craftsmanship they had even then. It is an awesome figure to have and the amount of detail and muscle definition is astonishing.

chrismandesign said...

i liked the special emphasis "you" made on: "Back from my long hiatus TO BRING YOU BASTARD!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...

actually, i didn’t know that Koto was in the market since so long ago and i have to agree that the level of detail is out of ordinary, although the finishings are not as smooth as in the recent releases... the character looks pretty rascal so, i guess is not the average office man trying to get a pay rise, LOL =)

deSMOnd said...

bro..the articulation is not that good...

LEon said...

this is quite an old toy and between the crafting and articulation, the crafting workmanship is the way to go. PRetty Rare figure I must say.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> bluedrakon
Kotobukiya has this reputation of good finishing from past till now. It's probably the reason they still is main player in the market.

>> chrismandesign
Lol, I hope it's not a rude comeback. I got mine preloved so it was quite a good deal.

>> deSMOnd
Indeed, no articulation on the leg. Koto is more fond making statue like figure and focus more on paint job.

>> LEon
I guess you can consider the figure old and nostalgic for the manga and anime fans. I'm one of them and kind of niche. ^_^


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