Friday 15 November 2013

AFA Singapore 2013 Coverage

I had an awesome weekends meeting up friends and going to AFA.  Wonderful crowd at the event and I'm there mainly for 'Night of Valvrave' concert. As you can see, my pics centered mainly on Valvrave The Liberator. It's an anime which I got hooked to, after Agent S' recommendation. As usual, I'm bounded to Gundam booth but no forgetting to include pics of random toys. 

Last year, it was 'Sword Art Online' that dominated AFA and this year is surely the year of 'Shingeki No Kyojin' aka Attack on Titans. One toy that particular bewildered me as Shurato! This old skool anime finally gotten it's figure though I had some of the vintage Bandai kits. Hasn't been released yet so I'm watchful over the pre-order.

I didn't take pics of 'Night of Valvrave' concert cos photo-taking was prohibited and I'm a rule-abiding Otaku ^_^. A two and a half hour concert with Angela, Eliza, TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki. It's my first anime concert experience and it was a great one. I would say my favourite segment definitely was when TMR and Nana Mizuki hit the stage with those powerhouse vocals and superb supporting band members.


chrismandesign said...

there is a lot of creativity involved in the creation of collectibles, since actually you don’t get tired of watching the new releases !!!... i guess that most of the anime series, include the "merchandising element" in their development... i have been watching Attack on Titans and is really captivating, also the Figma figures available are incredibly faitfful !!!... =D

bluedrakon said...

I am so hoping that I see something like this when I go to Katsucon. I really like seeing all the cool displays and future figures that may make it to my shelf!

deSMOnd said...

its gd to bring family to go if all your children hv grown up..easy to tk care..

Unknown said...

TM rev needs a solo concert in sg again!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Yup, it's always head over toes when it comes to finding out the new releases and I'm thrilled to know that Shurato finally had its figure. I really like watching 'Attack on Titans'. Who won't like. Hehe. No preorder for the figure for me and I sure I will get to review on Agent S' Mikasa ^_^

>> bluedrakon
Have a delightful trip to Katsucon and I look forward to your post. Good looting as well my friend.

>> deSMOnd
Hopefully in the near future. I'm afraid I might lose them in the crowd. More and more ppl gg AFA as I observed.

>> Stanley Lim
Yes bro! Great band like TMR never fail to bewilder audiences.

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