Thursday, 24 November 2011

Danny Choo / Mirai Suenaga @ AFA 2011

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic1
Leaflet given to promote Mirai Suenaga Culture Japan

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic2
Danny Choo with cosplay Mirai

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic3
Signatures for his fans 

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic4

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic15
Mirai Suenaga car decal

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic14

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic13
Mirai's fan

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic9
12" figure of Danny Choo in his Stormtrooper suit. Mirai Ipad application

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic10
Amazing likeness

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic11

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic5
Mirai & friends figma

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic6

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic7

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic8
Mirai Suenaga's bikinis

Danny Choo AFA 2011 Pic12
Mirai to massage your wrist while you use the mouse

I must confessed that I haven't been following Danny Choo's blog these days but I have shared my admiration and respected the celebrity blogger for promoting anime, culture and trends in Japan, reaching out to people outside Japan during the era when anime/manga/cosplay were very much unheard-of in South East Asia, the stone-age before there is even AFA in Singapore. It's really an achievement for a blogger have come this far to create a mascot 'Mirai Suenaga' that appeals to many and eventually gotten marketed as Figma figurines, collector cards, computer keyboard cover, IPad application to car artwork. What's more, Danny Choo himself was present @ AFA 2011 to grace the event and penning his signature for fans.



chrismandesign said...

you would call me ignorant or caveman, but the name Danny Choo doesn’t tell me anything (!!!???)... the only thing i know about him is that he has a blog (which i have never seen), but that’s all... i guess he must be a sort of guru, right ??? (something like guru-choo!!! LOL)... and Mirai, well, same thing... =/

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! At least you know a thing or two about Danny Choo now. Than his frame will slowly spread to your region. Actually if you blog hop, you will see a lot of blogs with links to Danny's blog.

David John Shewsbury said...

Wow u must be a big fan of Danny Choo...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm attracted by the cuteness of the stuff on display, that's why I decided on this post after having taken so... many pics. Lol...

sl619 said...

Danny Choo is just a genius. He's gone to a country which is totally far from home especially the language barrier and managed to be a respected figure in manga and animation. Love the Itasha BMW~

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I must say the manga and anime industries are fiercely competitive and surviving in such racy environment ain't easy.


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