Monday, 26 April 2010

Macross Chronicle 44

This issue main featured valkyrie is Max and Millia VF-9 from drawing of Fighter mode to battroid mode. But I prefer the powerful VD-1MS as known as 'Metal Siren' in Macross II anime. This issue, I also get to see the prototype VF-X valkyrie which Roy Focker had test-driven. It's not much of a different with VF-1 valkyrie in terms of outlook. Other valkyries you can find included VF-1A 'Angel Bird' and Millia's VF-1J Super valkyrie (nice drawing). Very unusual merchandise section this issue as the product is 50cm Jenny-doll-like Minmay in her DYRL final battle concert outfit and her iconic Cheongsam (body-hugging (modified in Shanghai) one-piece Chinese dress for women). There an advertisement on Macross latest wear mechandises to end the this issue posting. The Crumpler-look-alike Macross sling bag appeal to me a lot but why is the advertisement so gayish....


G.G. said...

The pic from the 5th down looks like the Macross version of the Wing Gundam. LOL.

And I also like last pic. Is nice to have a new macross bag like that.

wait.... is that 2 guys holding hands?

chrismandesign said...

the Max & Millya VFs seem pretty attractive for me but, till now, i haven’t seen not even a single figure (specifically model kits) so it would b great if someone takes care of this... bout the doll, it’s pretty fine for me but i guess that she must b really expensive... ohhh & the last pick is super-repre-seventy-mega-hyper-gay (i dunno if i was clear enough... =PPPP kjakjakjakjakjakjakajkjakajkkajkajkja...)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> G.G
There plane in pic 5 is Metal Siren. Maybe it's the angle of the plane. Hee! Hee!

That's what I thought so, 2 guys holding hands. Lol.

>> chrismandesign
I don't see any MK or toy of VF-9 yet as well. I got a feeling those dolls are ex too! About the last pic, so far G.G, you and I have the same impression. Ha! Ha!

deSMOnd said...

Bro, will you buy the two female figures? They look nice..

LEon said...

mimei doll look nice! So are the T-shirts.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Nope, I more into mecha over figure.

>> LEon
Yup! I'm really hoping of getting the bag.