Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bleach Season One - The Substitute

Yah, I know I’m a late-comer or slow coach to ‘Bleach’ but slow a better than never. Well, it all started because of Mr K’s hard sell tactics, being pushy and insisted that I would missed out a lot not watching this anime and he even passed his ‘Bleach’ season one DVD boxset to me by force. Hee! Hee! I exaggerated it!

As a matter of fact, I’m thankful to Mr K that introducing ‘Bleach’ to me. I have always denied ‘Bleach’ cos I didn’t want to follow the trend of popular animes like everyone else but it seems that the anime is really interesting, at least for a start. It explains why it’s so popular.

I won’t go into details as most I presumed, already know all these Soul Reaper blah blah blah! Ichigo the cool punk substitute soul reaper, who cares but carries an attitude. Oh, I started blahing again….

Well, I enjoy the scenes whenever Rukia takes out her childish drawings every time she explains about the spiritual world of Hollow. Kon is funny behaving like an idiotic and a pain in the butt. As of now, I like Orihime Inoue’s innocent and devilish valley of pillows. Hee! Hee! If you get what I mean? Hmmm, why am talking like this!


chrismandesign said...

yep, the way u r talking is weird... r all ur neurons working together for this post or u decided to give vacations to some of them ??? kjajakkajkajajkakja... kidding... almost all the known world is talking bout Bleach (the rest, like me, myself & i, r talking bout a lot of other interesting things...) but i’ve heard good comments on this series, so i might watch it someday (the pirate version, cuz i never dare to buy the original, that is not available in my country) end of =PPPPPPPPP congrats on this adquisition Dennis =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! This is an imitation of your writing style! Kekekekeee! Anyway, gotten to return the DVD to Mr K cos he's passing season 2 to me! Drooling....

LEon said...

I remember following this anime years back but since they do fillers and more fillers I decided to drop the whole series. If you want to know, hollywood is going to make a LIVE action movie on this but you know Hollywood which most of the time disappoint the fans. LOL

chubbybots said...

lol devilish valley of pillow :D I'll love to lie on that ^^

deSMOnd said...

"Bleach" the anime DVD this expensive?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
I guess most of the anime started very nice and popularity could caused the extension, thus killing the excitement in the long run. In my opinion, Dragonball started great and the part towards the end kind of lost the appeal. Sometime, I prefer anime that around 50 episodes with a solid conclusive ending.

>> chubbybots
Hee! Hee! You got what I meant bro! Too much of these would lead to valley of doom. Ha! Ha!

>> deSMOnd
Not to sure bro, but it's definitely more than 50 bucks for code 1 dvd + shipping.

chrismandesign said...

i think that the short series are the best, they usually become cult series like Cowboy Beboop or Karas f.e... the stories r solid & surprising, the art direction, the character design, the plots, all in those short series r meticulously done & is not necessary a conclusive end... =PPPPP

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Perhaps an inclusive end will not restrict idea flow for a sequel or OVA.


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