Thursday 1 April 2010

Henkei Jetfire aka Skyfire

An animed illustration of Jetfire aka Skyfire

I have stopped collecting Transformers apart from G1 Jetfire. But I have made an exception after seeing Henkei Transformers Jetfire. I am glad to buy the Henkei Jetfire cos it is a great toy that's so fun to play with. As you know, Henkei Transformers were made very anime correct and Takara did an excellent job combining Jetfire from oldskool Transformers cartoon and Jetfire as a G1 toy.

I just love to playing and taking pics of this Henkei Jetfire especially put it beside a G1 Jetfire toy. To add on to the fun, Henkei Jetfire comes with missiles that can be shot out, additional head and jetpack armour that resemble the G1 Jetfire. Those above-mentioned attributes made this new toy totally awesome!
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