Thursday 3 September 2009

Coming-soon Products @ Gundam Fiesta 2009

Here are some new products on Fusion Work's 'Mobile Suits Gundam Ultimate Operation' and gasaphon. Fusion Work's 'Mobile Suits Gundam Ultimate Operation' has improved in packaging by housing the figure in box rather than in card. Hence, increased the collection value of the toy. It's very likely that I would buy this Fusion Work's GM Sniper Custom in future cos GM and related variants have always been my all-time favorite

Bandai has been pretty assertive recently with many releases of various SD Gundam merchandises. Really bring me back to the days of buying and fixing SD gundam, bought from Oriental department store (btw, the mentioned department store was no more in existence)

New HG Gunpla from Gundam 00 season 2. Kind of think that Gundams in 00 series have a lot of transformations and combinations. The outlook of HG Reborn Gundam seems like an interesting piece. I will leave my comments about the mecha after I have watched Gundam 00 season 2

A preview of HCM Pro Unicorn Gundam. I have little knowledge about the mecha, but I sure want to watch the animeSeems like HCM Pro Unicorn Gundam is interchangeable from normal to destroy mode

Tamashii Nation limited edition Robot Damashii 00 Gundam in trans mode (translucent version). Seems that the better sculpted and articulated Gundam Robot Damashii had replaced good old Gundam MSIA

Robot Damashii Albaron. I like this guy! It is so far the strongest GM in any gundam anime series....some may not acknowledged this as a GM

1/100 scale Gale Strike Gundam derived from New Gundam SEED side story "Gundam SEED Vs Astray ~ Already hit the shelves of BHG Singapore Bugis branch when I was shopping there earlier

1/100 scale Hale Buster Gundam derived from New Gundam SEED side story "Gundam SEED Vs Astray

1/100 scale Regen Duel Gundam derived from New Gundam SEED side story "Gundam SEED Vs Astray... the chin is different from Duel has Zeta Gundam's chin

1/100 scale Nix Providence Gundam derived from New Gundam SEED side story "Gundam SEED Vs Astray

Gundam fans will be thrilled to see these new Gundam products in the pipeline and nothing bets seeing the real stuff on sneak preview. The event organisers really are very generous to provide local Gundam fans here the chance to view these till 14th September. 


Ant Sized Man said...

Shows how much i know about gundam, only recongise 3 suits. So much more awesome gundam action to look forward to.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

A lot of new Gundams product! Took a while to get them right too!

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