S.C.M Banpresto GM

Banpresto S.C.M (Special Creative Model) has provided a cheaper alternative to Gundam MSIA (Mobile Suit In Action) action figures. The latest S.C.M has made a big breakthrough especially on articulation. I didn’t buy S.C.M Zaku, Gouf & Prototype Gundam cos I prefer GM/RGM more than other mobile suits. This S.C.M is very detail and it is really very posable. The shortcomings would be the lack of accessories and packaging.


LEon said...

I think your hanger background is paying off for your photoshot brother. I remember there was a robot like this one in the earlier days of gundam but have 2 large cannon on both side of his shoulder.

GunStray said...

Cheaper than MSIA you say?

>Leon: Thats Guncannon

RiP666 said...

how about the detail?

i like the leg parts, it looks more taller

Willie said...

My hands are itchy to touch that gundam.

deSMOnd said...

The hanger background is damn nice!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Leon
Yes the hangar serve as a nice backdrop.

>> GunStray
SCM is usually less than S$20/- but MSIA cost around S$30/- in Singapore. Sad to say that MSIA is no longer in production now that Damashii 'The Robot Spirit' had taken over.

>> RiP666
About the detail, I like the visor a lot. Looking thru the visor, it gives you the impression that there are mechanic parts within.

SCM is slightly taller than MSIA & Gundam Fix

>> Willie
You have a lot of Gundams to touch already! Ha! Ha!

>> deSMOnd
Agree! This time round, the money is well-spent.

PoetiQ said...

Hey, I hate to ask in such a public space, but would you at all be willing to sell me your SCM Ex GM? We can discuss details over email if you're interested (I have an Ebay and a Paypal account if you're interested) Just let me know =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm terribly sorry. I happened to like this piece a lot and not willing to let it go at this point of time. Hope that you will get yours in no time.

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