Tuesday 26 May 2009

Legend of Lemnear PVC trading figures

Front view of blind box

Back view of blind box

Lemnear standing on the orange base


Don't try to look up the skirt!!!

A close-up of Lemnear

A close-up of Lemnear's shoulder armour

Lemnear & Lian

Close-up of Lian

Want to go for a ride Lemnear?

Surprise! Surprise! To see these ‘Legend of Lemnear’ PVC trading figures selling at ‘Toy Room’ Suntec City Mall during my last visit. Even though the shop didn't have ‘Type A’ Lemnear with comes with the sword, I’m still delighted that I managed to get ‘Type C’ Lemnear. The figures were sold as a pair and since the other character ‘Lian’ only appeared in the manga series, I really have little knowledge of her cos I have only watched the anime.

These Legend of Lemnear trading figures feature Lemnear and Lian from the manga series in various poses. There are four styles of Lemnear and a single style of Lian in this series, as well as alternate color versions. The figures stand about 15 cm in length/height, and feature high quality detail. Figures also come with orange base with diameter measuring 12cm.


Shin said...

U watched the anime or read the comics?

LEon said...

You read a lot of manga bro. This character however look like 90s cartoons... I never read it before. Need clarification. Something like Record of Lodoss war?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Shin
Apologises for the confusion due to bad English. I have only watched the anime.

>> Leon
The characters design were very similar those from Langrisser. I believed the manga and anime were from the 90s.

Record of Lodoss has always been one of the favourite animes. It's a big influence to my liking for other knight-fastasy animes.

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