Sunday 7 December 2008

Legend of Lemnear DVD

Front cover of DVD movie

Back view ~ Original DVD by U.S Manga

Interior of DVD casing

Print on DVD

Lemnear PVC Trading figure. Please click here for more!

Attracted to this anime mainly due to the design of the armour. It's typical that characters of knight fantasy have huge armour plate on their shoulders. The characters design of 'Legend of Lemnear' resemble Langerisser a lot. Most importantly, the heroine of 'Legend of Lemnear' is very sexy. Ha! Ha!

Plot summary from Wikipedi:
The story focuses around the title character, Lemnear, who according to prophecy is the Champion of Silver. She seeks revenge on the evil wizard Gardein and the master he serves, attempting to avenge the slaughter of her people.

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