Thursday, 18 December 2008

Macross Chronicle 9

Cool Front cover

Like the Tomcat design of VF-0S

Except the upper arm a bit thin

The skull of Roy Foyer is classic

U.N Spacy transport vehicle

Vehicles in Macross series

Shin Kudo

In my opinion Shin is a compose dude

Mikhail "Michael/Michel" Blanc

Did he die?

Drawing of Macross Plus

Macross Revoltech

I got these!

Didn't have VF-1J Miria. Sad :C

Got these @ very good prices. Maybe are less popular.

Cover page for next month

Figurine of Clan Clang to be released

I have yet to collect issue 10 & 11 from Falcon's Hangar. Thought Macross Chronicle would end at issue 10 and was surprised that issue 11 was out. Maybe the sale is good and the magazine continues. Issue 8 features VF-0S with few main characters and Macross Revoltech.


Bambino D said...

Michael lives in the hearts of Clan Clang forever..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes! If we look at things positively

ethan said...

Hi Dennis,
First of all, thanks for the awesome posting on Macross, it has been my favorite cartoon / aircraft design model since my schooling days.

Just a quick question, I had a Yamato VF-0A with the Ghost Booster. I want to display it with a stand, but i couldn't find the stand there any stand out there that is built for this model?


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hi Ethan, many thanx for visiting my blog. As for your question, I have to see Yamato come with a display stand for their VF-0 apart the ones maned for VF-1. I'm not very sure if they are suitable for VF-0. Perhaps you could try alternative like those triangular acrylic stand that could be ordered from Hobbylink Japan.

ethan said...

Thanks Dennis for the quick reply. In fact I had the stand for the vf-1by Yamato. It doesn't fit the vf-0, just couldn't figure the reason why they made it that way :)

Yeap will definitely go and find the triangle stand, will start from eBay :)


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