Friday, 19 December 2008

G1 Evil Jetfire in Progess

Removing the Autobot logo

Removing stickers from the legs

The other leg

All stickers removed

Mask up the area accept the area that is red

Some bad news! There were some problems with the painting,
some unexpected reaction with the paint and masking.
The Jetfire needs to be stripped down and re-do.

Through SG Collect Forum, I had managed to engage the service of craftman Han to assist me in customising my G1 Jetfire to the evil version. If you still remember, I had previously bought the reprolabel for this project. The project was postponed caused Han is a student and he had to focus on his studies. Han finally have some spare time during school holidays to work on the project. It's a project based on trial and error and here's an update from Han. Take your time to complete the project.

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