Friday, 1 August 2008

1/35 Gakken Red Legioss

Pilot standing on Armo Soldier

Front view of Armo Soldier

Back view of Armo Soldier

Left view of Armo Soldier

Right view of Armo Soldier

Comparing Gakken version with Toynami version

Front view of Armo Diver

Diagonal view of Armo Diver

Side view of Armo Diver

Top view of Armo Fighter

Pilot in cockpit

Side view of Armo Fighter

Diagonal view of Armo Fighter

Robotech Gakken packaging (Pic from Robotech collection)

Legioss Gakken packaging (Pic from Robotech Collection)

Drawing illustration of Red Legioss in Soldier mode

My other Gakken Legioss in red. I'm more familiar with the transformation this time and could do it faster without referring to the instruction manual. I do not have box for this red Jupiter Legioss version and there are also some yellowing on the toy. Fortunately, the toy is red and beige base thus it kind of mask up the yellowing. The toy comes with a pilot painted in Ley or Randy suit. Hail to this plastic with metal diecast Legioss that is transformable in three modes.

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