Thursday, 31 July 2008

Patlabor Movies collection

Patlabor Movie 3 DVD front cover

Patlabor Movie 3 DVD back cover

Complete collection of Patlabor Movies

Back view of all Patlabor Movies DVD

Had just completed my collection of code 1 Patlabor movies DVD with the recent import of Patlabor movie 3. Have yet to watch the third movie but the first two movies that I have watched proofed very intellectual. The stories were much more serious than the TV version and Movie 2 especially was political. I have difficulty understanding the plot even with the English dubbed and English subtitles. The anime were nicely drawn however there ain't many fighting scenes throughout these movies. In my opinion, these are more for Patlabor fans who have certain background and understanding of Patlabor.

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