Monday, 11 August 2008

Batman Dark Knight Movie

Here’s my reveal on the latest Batman movie. First of all, I would say I’m not a fan of Batman, but had seen a couple of the previous Batman movies. I went to watch ‘Batman Dark Knight’ simply because my friends around me told me it’s good.

Well! The movie sure didn’t disappoint me. I would say this is an untypical Batman movie really! It brings out a very humane side of Batman tormented by darkness and sadistic plot. The casts had portrayed the characters well especially Heath Ledger 'Joker'.

Watching the movie really drained away much of my brain juice as more plots within plots emerges as the story progresses. Joker definitely is a hard nut to crack and before Joker’s menace could be settled, Gotham’s white knight turned villain ‘Two-face’. I’ll breakdown if I’m Batman.

I pity poor Batman who had to sacrifice his love and reputation as a super hero, despite his efforts in the name of justice. It also saddened me that nothing much had been achieved by Gotham justice believers. In fact it’s more like Batman’s defeat in the end.

In my opinion ‘Dark Knight’ is an excellent movie worthy of watching in cinema and buying the DVD as a collection.

Here's the trailer...


Ngee Khiong said...

Very true about what you said. There's very little time to think because new plot points and plans behind plans just keep on appearing as the movie went along. It's a very good movie.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Two thumbs up bro! I like your reveal too. Excellence!

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