Friday, 18 July 2008

1/55 VF-1S Roy Focker 2001 Issued

What are you looking at?

I'm Gerwalking!

I'm in deep thoughts for ideas...

Still Gerwalking.....


This Skull Leader one. Can you see my skull heat shield?

A good friend of mine had taken pics my Bandai reissued 1/55 scale VF1S. With great photography skills, a simple toy can really good super impressive. Looks just like magazine style. So nice that Bandai reissued this piece of gem for many Macross fans. A lot of people could recall what Macross is whenever they saw this mecha. 


Ngee Khiong said...

*Sob* *Sob* Bring back plenty of childhood memories T___T

The on I watched when I was a kid was actually Robotech, the American version, among Voltron, Saber Riders, Transformers and Thundercats, and Rambo T___T

Roy's unit was the easiest to remember because of the skull. It's amazing to see that almost every other Macross series after the first one has a Roy's unit featured ^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ya! I watched some of the those cartoons you had mentioned. I almost forgotten about Rambo cartoon.

Indeed, skull leader is the most recognizable and most popular among collectors as well.

ANTON C said...

I watched the Jap version I think, dubbed Chinese... right?

I also played the American produced role playing game too, and I used to have many Robotech books... though I never really read them...

Why on your blog the pictures become small after you post? Its supposed to be 1024 X 768 resolution.