Tuesday, 22 July 2008

1/65 Scale VF17D Stealth (Macross 7)

Front cover of box (Tear at top left corner)

Back view of box

Side views of box

VF17D on styrofoam insert

VF17D in battroid mode

VF17D in gerwalk mode

VF17D in gerwalk mode from another angle

VF17D in gerwalk mode, front view

Front view of VF17D fighter mode

Side view of VF17D fighter mode

Side view of VF17D fighter mode

Both VF17 in action

VF17S & VF1D cross fire

Here's my other VF17 from Macross 7. This is the VF17D version and it is differentiated physically from VF17S by it's colour scheme and the design of the head. The transformation and weapon accessories for both 1/65 scale VF17 are also the same. I got this VF17D sometime last year a China Square Fleamarket @ a very affordable price of just S$45/-.

I think the toy went on offer cos the window of the box was damaged. So I repaired it by replacing it with transparency. The condition of box is C7 and toy is C9. No missing parts and stickers applied. So how or rather, I find this piece more difficult to find compared to VF17S. Also didn't see any of this in the reissued form.

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