Monday, 9 June 2008

Vivo Gundam Fair (part 1)

An overview of the area

Posters showing the offers

I have just returned from Vivo City and still excited to bring you a brief field report from the Gundam Fair. The fair is mainly on Gundam model kit and the area isn't very big (around the size of a badminton court). Some of the offer you can see on the poster include a S$10/- off with every S$50/- purchase and Sangokushi (Romance of Three Kingdoms pronounced in Japanese) Gundam model kits selling @ S$20/- a pair with free limited edition Zako Zako soldier kit. The other poster that I forgotten to take is on a free goodie bag carrier with Sangokushi Gundam printing, Sangokushi catalogue & Sangokushi model kit accessory with every S$50/- purchase. Don't miss out the offer!

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