Sunday, 8 June 2008

GQ Model Force Impulse Gundam

Moving on to Gundam Seed Destiny, I have the chogokin Force Impulse Gundam piloted by Shinn Aska. Impulse Gundam has a lot of similarities with Strike Gundam in terms of colour scheme and it's ability to switch in between Aile, Sword and Launcher mode.

The style and design of this Gundam is truly admirable however this Gundam might have taken too long in it's launching procedure. First the pilot would have to launch with the plane before it attached to the torso and legs. A bit unnecessary don't you think? Just like the anime, this toy can also do the same. Impressive hah!

In terms of the quality of plastic, this toy is much more inferior when compared to Strike Gundam chogokin. There had been obvious yellowing on the legs, skirt, forearm and shield on this loose Impulse Gundam. Even the other one that I kept MISB and wrapped in plastic had turned slightly yellow. What a major setback! 

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