Sunday, 1 June 2008

MUP (Music Upgrading Programme)

Soon after I have completed the'gorgeous' header title, I have ambitiously aimed to conquer new heights. My next project is MUP (Music Upgrading Programme). It aims to remove the dumb looking music sidebar and upgrade it to a nice looking mini pod player that looks like Ipod device.

With help from my wife who taught me the art doing it by signing up with &, I present you with Mini pod player. Well! It definitely takes a lot of hard works and time cos it is a tedious process of uploading my music files to and transferring the files to

After which I had to move on in choosing and editing the personalised music player. These may seems easy for many but it is tough work for someone like me who have very little knowledge on cyberstuff.

Hope you will enjoy the themes to my favourite animes....

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