Saturday, 31 May 2008

Schindler's List

Usually I would just watched swallow movies that are mostly brawling and fighting. But today I had watched a brilliant movie that is worth spending my time watching. I had just finished watching a VCD titled 'Schindler's List' that a friend namely Anton had borrowed me. At first, I wasn't quite interested to watch cos I have never heard of this movie and the VCD cover didn't say anything much about the movie.

I was only when I started watching the movie, I realised I was captivated and then I could not get my eyes of the television. The movie realistically touches my inner self and brings out the empathy in me to see others who suffer.

This movie is based on a true story of a righteous Nazi member known as Oskar Schindler. He had used Jews to start a factory in Poland during the second world war. But started using his wealth and wits to save the Jews after witnessing the horrible acts and massacres carried out by the Nazi army on the Jews.

The duration of the movie is pretty long as this is a 3 discs VCD. The movie was shown in colours in the beginning but colours slowly faded away in a artistic way. I guess the director did it on purpose to suit the era of second world war. Make a guess who the director is? You definitely have heard of him. Yes! He is the famous Steven Spielberg who brought us E.T. Schindler's List was filmed in 1993 and had won 7 Oscars & another 63 wins.

Here's the movie trailer....

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