Friday, 9 May 2008

Peace Maker

I can't find this elsewhere after I brought it from Uncle's Ng shop (Ng's collection) at China Square. This is the first time any company had manufactured a toy on Patlabor Peace Maker. It is total awesome! I bought this babe the moment I saw it and Uncle Ng gave a discount, so I only paid for S$80/-. The box even has a window allowing you to see the actual figure within.

A little on Mobile Police AV-0 Peace Maker. It was supposed to be a newer model introduced in the animation to replaced Ingram. Peace Maker is semi-auto and has it's own AI chip that would overwrite the pilot's control in time of emergencies.

However, in the anime, Ingram had proven to be more combat effective cos Ingram gave the pilot full control. Hence, the full potential of the machine and pilot was exhibited. This is just like a auto car versus manual car.

Just watch this Peace Maker in action!

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