Saturday 30 December 2023

Dennis' Top Ten Toys (TTT) 2023

I have been following Mr Joe's YouTube channel and very excited each time they update their progress to completion. Most importantly wifee know me best and gave me the best birthday present.

Sofubi that I wanted when I started collecting designer art toys. To me, RHND is the ceiling of this range of toys in terms of coolness and quality.

These are souvenirs from the best trip ever. I don't think any other trips in future can surpass this. The kind of trip with fond memories and dying without regrets. 

My first personal interaction with boss Quiccs. Experience is very important and like its predecessor Bancho is top ten!

Ever since Oyakata san aka Punk Drunkers came to Pop Toy Show Singapore. I have been converted to a Punk Drunkers fan. It's crazy but I love it!

It's one of a kind! So unique and I really appreciate my friend think of me as a huge Gundam fan and thoughts precede all. 

I love watching Aliens movie and it is probably the best sci-fi to me. It is amazing how these toys put together can be so toyetic and fun! 

High standard statue from sculpting to finish product. A treat to both godzilla and Evangelion fans. 

It reminded me that I should take a break! The slogan meant a lot to me and presented how elegant stormtrooper can be. 

It was made ever before the official Hasbro release. Still it is unique and presented a retro style. Good quality made bootleg that deserve recommendation.

A fellow close friend and fellow toy blog was asking if I will continue to do Top Ten Toys (TTT) this year and I pondered for a while. I have not post any blog posting on this platform for almost the entire year since Feb 2023. 

I undertake the uphill task to do as many back dated posts as possible based on what I had done on Instagram so as to make this year TTT happened again. Never say never! Things kind to turn out for the better this year. I kind of accept things as they come and slow down my pace to lesser the daily stress. 

I take views of people towards me less seriously knowing that haters gotten to hate and no matter how hard I tried, I can never pleased everyone especially people who don't appreciate me. I allowed myself to age gracefully and I am very gratefully to my wife, parents and friends for supporting me emotionally during those difficult times. 

My wife planned the most wonderful Japan trip when travel restriction ease and we were also able to bring kiddos to Hong Kong (another toy paradise) before the year ends. Lots of toy loot this year so picking TTT is a tough process! I'm not rich, just irresponsible on spending. LOL.. I'm also more incline towards designer toys this year. 

Thank you all those who support me and take interest in what I am doing. Happy holidays and an even better year ahead. May the force me with you always ^_^ 

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deSMOnd said...

Wow, good to see you post TTT of 2023..

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