Friday, 20 January 2023

Sacred Guardians S.G HEROART Series Sacred Guardian Singa

Sacred Guardians S.G HEROART Series Sacred Guardian Singa (First Edition) is here! Congrats Basil and his dedicated team in making our πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ home grown Tokusatsu production a reality! What a milestone from concept, the suit, promo video, manga… from simple mechs like sticker, badge, keychain, post card to finally its own figurine! I love the design of Singa inspired by lion... HEROART Series Sacred Guardian Singa is a hand-painted, 1/12 scale resin figure, printed and painted in Singapore by Fiqsan Customs. 

About Singa : Sacred Guardian Singa is a Tokusatsu superhero character rooted in the real culture, history and heritage of Singapore and Southeast Asia, created by tokuAsia Pte. Ltd. First conceptualised in 2006 as a community project by a group of Tokusatsu fans who envisioned their own local superhero, the idea has since transformed into a universe of colourful characters on screen and on print, now collectively known as the Sacred Guardians Universe, with Singa as its flagship character. The driving force behind the Sacred Guardians is the desire of the creators to share their love for superheroes, as well as inspire an appreciation for one’s home, culture and identity to youth all around the world, via community-centric superhero.

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