Saturday 31 December 2022

Dennis' Top Ten Toys (TTT) 2022

Both Endless Immortals Evangelion Unit-01Endless Immortals Gundam share the same spot : )

Langrisser Leon Figure healed the pain in me for breaking 1/6 Sherry Variant Painted Resin Figure when I shift house.  

I wasn't fast enough to grab Quiccs Bancho TEQ63 online due to work and was blessed that my friend's shop helped to reserve. I'm thankful for that! 



Fool's Paradise - LowFool GundamFool's Paradise Throne // Low Fool - Voltron shared the same spot too! Love those reference to my favourite mecha

Bubblegum Crisis - AD Police Trading Figures for its rarity ... 1/15 scale AD Police fixed posed figures with different themed weaponry to protect Mega Tokyo

Matador Air Jordan Robot - Pure reason for my love for Air Jordan 1 made me settled for this robot inspired by the 1985 sneaker sensation

虾米大模王 Xiaomi 4th Anniversary FigureI had faithfully followed their YouTube channel and deeply poisoned by special Xiaomi 4th Anniversary commemorative figure modeled after the attractive host. 

1/35 Scale Border Break Kisei KuushikiLove the design of how practical the mecha would be presumed in a near future. I strong feel that I need to build and paint it to give justice to this Border Break Kisei Kuushiki, designed by Mr Shigeo Mouri. 

Robotech inspired Garbage Pail Kids ROY - It's Macross / Robotech deculture time! Too cute to resist especially in that Great Battroid Pack (GBP) armour.

中华英雄 (The Chinese Hero) Figure By One UpMy favourite Hong Kong martial art TV series adaptation casted by Kenny Ho 何家劲. He truly portrayed the character well the opening song of left me a deep impression. 


Otaku like me have deeply saddened by the recent passing of iconic celebrities like Jason David Frank aka Green Ranger and anime song singer Ichiro Mizuki. The once passionate youngster had become a grey hair uncle with belly after going through the harsh reality of society. I have to finally admit that people changed depending on the people they meet and the environment. I missed the happier, the energetic and genuinely smiling me. It’s hard but to admit that it’s better to talk to confidante that I was struggling and I'm blessed that my family and sincere friends were there with me. Don’t judge becos you never know what others are going through… A listening ear can meant a lot. I have try not to overthink and let nature takes it's course. To not give a damn of undeserving people. To apologise for not coping things well and not meeting people's expectation. I will try to get myself back to exercise routine. To adopt a more self-loving mindset and set new personal goals on the road to a happier me. Last but not least, toys has been very therapeutic as well. 


deSMOnd said...

No choice bro. this is life after all. it won't go smoothly as what we wanted. as long as our loved ones are there to support us all the time.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Well said my friend. Thank you for your support as well and providing me those advises and encouragement. My respect goes out to you.

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