Thursday, 18 November 2021

Visionaries Leoric Figure (SDCC 2017)

“Whispered secrets of a shattered age I summon you, renew this sage.” Leoric calls upon the special power of WISDOM. Leoric, for raw courage and leadership, you shall wear the totem of the lion. The shiny sticker on the newer release managed to mimic the hologram effects on chest and staff. 

How I wish I could turn back time and ask my daddy to buy me as many toys as possible. I would also promise to treasure every toys. Cos back in 80's there were so much fond memories where there were ample of creative toys and cartoons. Those were the days where I would rush home after school to catch my favourite cartoons and save up my allowance to buy toys like Transformers, Mask, Macross, He-man and many many more! 

Well! If you were a kid in the 80's era where that was no handphone, computer and internet, life would be much simpler with activities like watching cartoons and playing toys as the most enjoyable past time. My recollection of top cartoons would really be Transformers, GI Joe, Mask, Visionaries, He-man, Silver Hawk, Starcom, TMNT, Centurians! 80's cartoons ROCKS!


LEon said...

I remember the 3D banner look bigger when i was younger. lol

deSMOnd said...

Bro, I don't know this character leh..Haha!!

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