Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 - Miscellaneous

All good things come and go... So here's my sum up for SGCC 2019. I have been on media pass the previous years but this time around I bought my ticket instead as media for the first day had all been given out. Nevertheless, my experience this year is still as pleasant and it feels a bit more special this year in a better way. 

For the first time at SGCC, I focused on getting merchandises by heading straight to trader's booths like 'Good Guys Never Win' GGNW and 'Calibre Wings', as soon as I entered the venue. Feeling more like a geek fan without obligation. I loved my purchases of 'VR Man' figurine as well as die-cast 1/72 scale Macross VF-1S Fighter plane. 

It's a more relaxing convention mood for me as well with truthful interactions with traders and exhibitors. I have also bumped into many friends whom I have made in my many years of toy collecting journey. Envy and admiration to Kelvin Low aka 'Chubby Bot' and his comrades for building the massive LEGO diorama. Last but no least, I truly enjoyed myself and I can't believe I spent a whopping four hours at SGCC. Katsuden signing out and I will see you next year! Cheers : ) 


deSMOnd said...

I am curious about the solo-eyed girl who was playing with her mobile..I never see her in the booth..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The monoeye cosplay is too unique for me not to take pic. Sorry about the cosplay is not consent philosophy ^_^

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