Thursday, 22 March 2018

Pacific Rim 2 Uprising Movie Mug

I have promised my sons to bring them to cinema to watch Pacific Rim 2 Uprising and we managed to catch the movie premiere and I got myself this very cool Pacific Rim 2 Uprising Mug from the refreshment booth. Yeah! It's the head on the protagonist Jaeger 'Gipsy Avenger', the successor to the previous 'Gipsy Danger'. As you can see, I haven't gotten myself any figure or model kit of 'Gipsy Avenger' so I'm still using my NECA 'Gipsy Danger' figure as a prop for this post. 

I'm not going to say much about the movie so no spoiler alert from me and go watch it yourself. All I can say is that if my 8-year-old son can focus on the movie throughout and got excitement during the fight scenes, so can you. My feeling for the movie is mutual too as nothing pleased me more to watch a movie with mecha and monster kaiju! This is a movie for the boyz!!! What's more is the movie included some fan services (not the kind of fan services if you know what I mean ^_^) with glimpses of Unicorn Gundam statue like the one currently at Odaiba - Diver City - Gundam Front. 

Back to the topic of the mug... it come with a white plastic straw and the lid can be unscrewed to pour beverage into it. Seriously, it would sure a waste to use this novelty item as a drinking mug at least IMHO. It belongs to be displayed and admired : ) Not sure about and other but mine mug does come with some QC issues. The naval blue paint is pretty unevenly painted and even spilled on the yellow visor. Good thing I managed to clean off the excess paint on the visor and added some chrome to the head by dry brushing. The head mug also has a very awesome gimmick as it come with a switch to light up the visor. What's more the batteries are included so you can enjoy the glowing effect in the darkness of cinema... Just don't disturb other movie goers. Lolz...


deSMOnd said...

Great score!! I didn't buy any figures from Bandai regarding the second instalment..I almost got every figure from Neca previously.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Thank bro! Those Jaegers figure from NECA have good sculpt and paint works, just that they tends to fall easily. Hopefully there are nice good Jaeger figures soon to come.