Wednesday, 2 August 2017

NS50 Limited Edition Commemorative SPF Police Fast Response Car FRC & SCDF Red Rhino Toy Set

Came in a wonderful gift box

A comparison with my 1/24 scale previous FRC version

Front doors able to open

Uniquely designed by Singapore

Four seater vehicle

Service is a source of pride and strength for Singapore. We appreciate and celebrate the contributions from generations of NS Officers and their families in nation-building. SPF and SCDF National Servicemen are an integral part of the Home Team, working together to build a safe and secure Singapore. 

Celebrating NS50 with Commemorative Gifts redeemed from Home Team Clubhouses. Only 40,000 unit and available to Singapore Civil Defence Force SCDF and Singapore Police Force SPF, National Service NS personnel (serving and past-serving). I'm still serving my National Service as a reservist personnel therefore I'm legit to collect here's my set.  

The Singapore Police Fast Response Car(FRC)is used by Neighbourhood Police Centre Officers NPC)for patrols and to respond to calls for police assistance. All FRCs come equipped with a wide array of police equipment and basic crime-scene investigation kits. The newest generation of the FRC has modern technology on board which allows officers to be updated on the ground situation enroute to an incident and to call up relevant police information or additional resources as needed. 

Introduced in 2000, the iconic Light Fire Attack Vehicle(LF)or "Red Rhino" is SCDF's very own innovative fire-fighting vehicle The LF5G model in this box represents the 5th generation "Red Rhino". Besides being equipped with critical medical items for emergency medical response, the LF5G is also the world's first compact, urban fire appliance to harness Compressed Air Foam(CAF)technology for swift and effective fire suppression.


chrismandesign said...

Oh man, that’s a nice set indeed and much more meaningful bearing in mind that you’re member of the National Service of your country !!!... You don’t publish this kind of collectibles so often so it was a nice surprise to watch this review... The Toyota Corolla is a familiar face in my country, since this model was available in the Toyota dealer network, albeit not in police patrol uniform (I have seen some Nissan Sentra as police patrols and this model belongs to the same category / size / segment)... The "Red Rhino", on the other hand, is unique for sure, I have not seen similar vehicles in this side of the world, at least not as a light duty vehicle and it looks fantastic, it seems to have off-road capabilities and the work on the wheels is specially remarkable !!!... =OOOOO

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
When I do this post, I had that strong feeling that it would arouse yr interest and true enough it didn't disappoint you. Indeed true that this giveaway provided an attachments between service men and their units and definitely very meaning. It's unique and one of a kind.

deSMOnd said...

Glad to see your collection of the actual replicate of vehicles used by Police Force and Fire Station :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Not my main stream collection but nice display with my other police memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this blog with us. I want to know more about the SNPC Singapore and want to become a part of this.

Unknown said...

I m interested in the police n fire rhino care set

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